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Change is messy, anxiety provoking, chaotic, and interferes with our sense of security and stability.

Does this sound familiar?


Can We Make It Suck Less?


Change sucks because our brains
are factory wired to resist it for our very survival.


“Our ability to rewire our brains remains intact from birth to the end of life,” says Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P., and Founder of The Chopra Foundation.

The 3 Essential Practices
to Make Change Suck Less


We teach employees to develop ChangeAgility so they can proactively shape the journey and the outcome.


This means less disruption, disengagement and productivity loss ...and a more nimble workforce able
to adapt to and thrive in environments of accelerated change.

What to Expect

Neuroscience Insights: Explore the brain science behind our resistance to change and learn how to rewire your mind to embrace change.

Three Key Areas: Uncover the pivotal areas where building skills and practice can make you more adaptable to change in all aspects of your life (Mindset, Resilience, Identity).

Interactive Exercises: Engage in thought-provoking exercises designed to expand your capacity for change.

Immediate Application: Walk away with new skills, techniques, and practical tools that you can implement right away.

Supportive Community: Forge connections with like-minded participants and create a safe space where no topic is off-limits.

Tangible Impact: Discover how embracing change can ripple through your family, workplace, and community, creating a widespread positive transformation.

We Build Lasting Relationships with Leading Organizations

by Achieving Superior Results

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Your Coach and Facilitator

Certified Executive Coach

Founder and CEO, On the Next Page

  • I’m one part coach, one part advisor and one part creative collaborator. I’m more objective than anyone your managers and employees can talk with inside of your organization. 

  • (I think) I’ve heard it all in my 30+ year career in corporate communications, employee engagement and change management at American Express, KPMG, Towers Perrin and with hundreds of leaders in companies around the world.

  • My superpower is providing tangible, actionable advice that your managers and employees can put to use immediately, positively changing behaviors and outcomes.

  • My background means that I understand your world; how work actually gets done; the difference between influence and authority; how to navigate people, politics and conflicting agendas; and the many dysfunctions of teams, functions and departments.

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